Digital PR

Yet another of our happy customers is Using our combined PR and SEO expertise we successfully managed to move the personalised gift website onto the first page of google, dramatically boosting both its customers and its profits.

There are different methods of getting a website to rank highly in Google, yet many of the more shady practices that many companies employ have come under fire from Google who now punish those websites who benefit from their use.

Through our unique blend of expertise in both PR and SEO we have forged a way forward that is safe, sustainable and successful. When you work with us you can be sure that the long-term benefits we can bring to your business will be built on stable foundations.

Our creative team can mould stand-out press releases for companies in all sectors, and this is demonstrated in the range of effective press releases we created as part of our strategy to move on to the first page of the Google rankings.

One of the highlights of our PR campaign was a story in which it was revealed that a recent poll had voted Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge as the most wanted Christmas guest. This particular story appeared in a number of online publications both in Britain and abroad, bringing the brand to a large audience.

Our PR strategy is, of course, tied in with our SEO plan and together we worked to move on to the first page a Google, the most essential destination for any company looking to increase its clientele.