How to increase your blog’s SEO

Your blog – whether it’s personal or for your business – is important to you, and like everybody on the internet, you want it to appear higher on search indexes. To make this happen, and increase your chances of being seen by new readers, there are a few simple things you can do to increase its SEO.

In fact, many bloggers don’t think about SEO when they’re publishing, so by taking some of these steps should put you out ahead of the crowd.

The critical part of SEO is getting your site crawled by the major search engines, and making sure they recognise that your site is relevant. You need to make sure that your site is spidered in depth, and that potential search terms are catered for, and many people lose out directly from the headline.

If your blog item headlines don’t vary that much, you are probably already losing out. Vary your headlines – not only for the sake of your readers who’ll surely get bored or confused with similar-looking posts, but also to give greater depth to your web indexing. Make sure you’ve got your key words in the headline without losing too much sense. Your title is important, so don’t miss the opportunity.

Additionally, the same tactic also helps in your item tagging. The same tags over and over don’t help promote your blog’s uniqueness, so keep mixing up your keywords for maximum effect, but keep it as simple as possible.

Another simple way to increase your chances is to make it easy for readers to share your content. Of course, this relies heavily on having compelling content in the first place, but by adding share buttons to the top social media services like Facebook and Twitter, and also to major link aggregators like Reddit or StumbleUpon, you’re putting the opportunity to share the content right into the user’s face. And if your content is shared, it is more likely to rise higher on search rankings.

You can also make your posts more relevant and findable by linking them to other posts on your site. Simply, a short couple of links at the bottom of a post that encourages further reading on similar subjects improves your page rank, and makes your site appear more relevant to search engines. For example, this post would be improved with a couple of links to pages such as “How does web crawling work?” and “Do you have social media sharing buttons“, both increasing internal click-through, but increasing page rank.

These small, very simple steps that can be added in a matter of seconds as you author the blog piece will go a long way to increasing your site’s visibility, and in the long run – your business’s bottom line.

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