SEO Baildon

This post is more of an experiment than anything else, I very much doubt that anyone will search for Baildon SEO , seo services in Baildon etc, and therefore it should be relativity simple to rank for those search terms? Well here’s hoping if we do all the right on page SEO we won’t have a need any of page SEO.

Why Baildon? Well I grew up there, I actually live in Ilkley now but 2 of my brothers still live there and on occasion i’ll head over to see them and end up in the pub. Funny when I was younger around 10 years old there used to be a shop in Baildon called Stuarts that used to sell me and my mate matches, oh memories, which I wont go into in case my Mum ever reads this. Then there was the other place a sweet shop, I think it was called Robinsons that was basically an old shed on wheels that was stuck into the ground.

Anyway I’m rambling and pretty sure neither of them would ever have any requirements for any Baildon SEO anyway, they might want to get a Facebook page though.

So how many words do you think are above? 100 or so will that be enough to rank for SEO in Baildon and / or similar terms? You see Leeds SEO is bit more competitive and requires a bit more effort than a simple blog post in order to rank.

HEY just had a though you might have actually searched for SEO in Baildon. If you did search then I hope you’re impressed with our mighty SEO skills, get in touch and we can transfer our skills over to your site and soon you will be getting new customers by ranking for your keywords.

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