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Ready to make money from affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to gain new sales.

Unlike everyday advertising you only pay when you gain a lead or sale.

It’s easy to set up a campaign, but not so simple keeping it going.

That’s why we at the Improve Agency here to engage with your affiliates and provide them with everything they need to sell your product effectively.

The said truth is that without effective management, many campaigns founder in the virtual bottom drawer of the internet.

They’re released out into the vast open spaces of the internet, where campaign owners think the clicks will just come flocking to them.

Wants those clicks? Want those sales? We can help!

With an enthusiastic hand at the wheel (that’s us!) we can prevent affiliate campaigns from running out of steam

We can build your entire campaign through

Text ads

And on top of that we ban make it even better with sparkling web design and SEO services to get your campaign noticed.

How does it work?

There are four things an affiliate marketing campaign needs:

Merchants (that’s you) – The people who want to sell products
Affiliates – The people who you pay to drive sales to your site
Customers – The people who want to spend their money on your product
Networks – The people who track every click and process payments

Let’s say a customer wants to buy jelly moulds.

You’ve got jelly moulds to sell.

They search for jelly moulds on the internet and land on a site – be it a review site, a cookery site, or a blog – that is one of your affiliates.

They see your “Buy our jelly moulds!” link, click through and make a purchase.

The customer gets their jelly moulds, the network registers the transaction, you get your sale, and the affiliate gets a payment for sending you the lead.

Everybody happy.

The trick is getting your affiliate network together, getting the links displayed on their pages and – most importantly of all – their pages high enough on top search engines to drive up the chances of a sale.

And that’s where Improve Agency comes in.

Talk to us about helping you get your affiliate network noticed.

Some agencies build links. We build businesses.