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We’re going to come right out and say it: We’ve got the best copy writers your money can buy.

We at the Improve Agency know the value of awesome quality original writing for Search Engine Optimisation.

Our team of award-winning writers always work to the highest standards, and make sure that your SEO rank is boosted with pages of fresh content that engages your readers and potential customers.

While other agencies boast the old cliche “Content is King”, we go one step further: Our content is the Lord High Emperor of Planet Earth and All Known Worlds.

Great writing not only looks good, but it is worth its weight in gold by attracting visitors to your site. Unique content always rates higher on major search engines than multiple pages of duplicate content. The more fresh content on a site, the more Google Juice it gets.

We love Google Juice. It’s one of our five a day, and good for your bank balance.

Improve Agency is also well versed in the arts of Link Baiting. You might have heard of this in a negative light as the method used by some newspaper websites to deliberately draw in readers (and advertising impressions) through controversial content.

Link Baiting need not be evil or controversial at all. We know that clever use of key words will increase the likelihood of clicks, so we make sure they’re peppered through the copy.

And here’s the trick: We don’t just dump them in. We make it look good, an organic part of the article, otherwise you’ll get a lovely click, but leave a nasty taste in the reader’s mouth.

Our talented team of (and we’ll say it again) award-winning content writers don’t just write for websites.

We can also help with blog posts, articles, forum posts, anything you need. In fact, here’s a full list of our writing services:

Content writing
Advertising copy
Link bait
Sales letters
Marketing collateral
Corporate profiles
Product profiles and descriptions
Website content
um.. anything with words really

All our content for third-party sites is guaranteed 100% relevant, 100% engaging and 100% free of spam.

In short: Our writing strengthens your brand and engages your customers.

Improve Agency: Our writing will make you money.