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We do digital!

Digital is at the heart of everything we do at the Improve Agency.

We understand digital marketing in all its forms and understand the techniques required to make the most of every click in a world of shrinking audiences and shorter attention spans.

Our development teams are experts in both front end and back end development, and combine to bring you the dazzling web presence you require.

What the heck is front end?

Front end developers work closely with the design team and back end team to ensure the designs really come to life. They put all the fancy stuff on the screen and make it work. And fancy stuff makes users love your site, and users that love your site spend money.

Fancy stuff comes in many forms, so we’re experts in such programming languages such as Flash, Java Script, HMTL, CSS, XML and Silverlight.

The front end developer also makes sure your site works across the entire internet environment, meaning that it is compatible with the likes of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and such like.

And let’s not forget mobile: Front end also makes sure your site also renders on mobile devices such as iPhone, Blackberry and Andriod. Not to mention tablets like the iPad. Cross-platform is where it’s at, as users are increasingly likely to be on the move.

OK so what the heck is back end? It sounds rude

The back end is the behind-the-scenes stuff that operates the website. When a user submits an action, it’s the back end that processes that action. We’re experts in programming languages like PHP, FMBL for Facebook, or for iPhone objective C.
The back end is the foundation onto which any website is built, relying on databases and tables which store information that keeps each page running. Our developers will consult with you and build a website that operates to your needs.

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