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There’s one question we always hear when we mention email marketing, and it’s this:

“Email marketing? But isn’t that spam?”

No. No it isn’t, and we’ll have a little less of the “S” word round there. We’re the good guys of the internet.

If we were in a cowboy movie, we’d be wearing a white hat.

Improve is an ethical agency that helps businesses and individuals design and manage their email campaigns to their managed lists of recipients.

Despite its undeserved reputation, email marketing is a massive and cost-effective industry, proven to give an excellent return on investment.

In the UK alone, the business is worth close to a billion pounds annually, and is touted to more than double in the next three years.

Smart businesses know the value of well designed and well-targeted email campaigns, and recognise that they are among the most effective advertising tools available.

Improve is involved at every stage in your campaign: From design to hitting send we have your back.

You campaign could be:

Promotional messages to acquire customers and sales
Emails to enhance your relationship with existing customers
Calls to action to purchase latest offers, or to visit a particular page on your website

Whatever the message you need to send, we have a team of top quality copy writers available to give your email campaign the polish it deserves; and all the technical know-how to ensure that your campaign hits your customers’ inboxes without a hitch.

Want fancy graphics as well? No problem at all – we can organise campaigns that work equally well as text only or fully-featured emails containing HTML.

As internet good guys, we make sure that every campaign that we produce complies with UK, European and United States laws and regulations on email marketing.

Contact Improve, and we can set your campaign rolling


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