Keywords, Research, SEO, Win

With a structured site in place, the optimisation process starts with keyword usage research. Keyword research is critical to the process of SEO and your campaign. Without this crucial component, efforts to rank top in the major search engines may be mis-directed by the wrong terms and phrases, resulting in rankings that no one will ever see. You can’t run any SEO campaign with out knowing what your keywords are.

In order to achieve the long term goal of attracting natural traffic we will conduct a detailed keyword analysis of the marketplace and competitor activity. The process of keyword research involves several phases: Brainstorming, Keyword research tools, Term selection, Performance testing & Analytics. Based on this information we will be able to put in a place a structured long term plan both on page and off page.

Once we have completed the SEO research which will include detailed competitor analysis and keyword research then all the correct on page and off page SEO will be implemented. We take great care to choose the correct key phrases, strategies and tactics to target and prepare your site ready for optimum web site promotion.

Communications without strategy is like a rudderless ship. With no compass, or a captain. It’s an expensive way to go nowhere in particular. Let us plan your voyage instead. We like to build better boats. We think, then do. Oh and we also have a lot of keyword domains