It’s all very well having a great-looking website and great SEO marketing your products and services – but what if nobody knows about it?

You may be high on Google for your selected keywords, but you still need promotion to keep your business in front in a competitive online market.

Sometimes you just have to get out there and advertise yourself in order to get yourself noticed.

And the Improve Agency can help you do that with our Outreach programme.

We reach out to your customers, the press, and other site owners in order to gain you publicity and sales.

In our lengthy experience, we’ve found that other site owners are more than happy to accept well-written and engaging items about your company and services, and promote them on their websites.

Not only is this fabulous advertising, but they also provide high quality links that improves your score on the major search engines.

According to tech website Technorati, over a third of bloggers are willing to write about brands they love, or will accept pre-written content.

Approaching influential bloggers with an interest in your field of business often reaps huge dividends, both in numbers of new customers and increased SEO ranking.

Improve is able to reach out to influential sites with offers of guest blogs or articles written either by you or our award-winning team of copy writers. We’ve also got an extensive list of contacts who are willing to host promotional content.

Additionally, we know the value of a well targeted press release, and can point to many examples of our clients raising their profile in the national press as a result.

An high quality outreach programme aimed at selected site owners; or press releases and engaging stories for the national, trade or local press represents a sound investment that promises a significant return.

Speak to us about your needs, and find out how we can help improve both sales and search engine rankings.


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