Social media = The new SEO

In 2010 Facebook overtook Google as the most visited site on the web.

Twitter has tens of millions of users, and many account holders now use this public service as a first point of contact with your business.

In a market flooded with social media content, it now makes no sense at all to ignore Facebook, Twitter and other services.

If you’re not paying attention to social media, how do you know what your customers are saying?

Social media should play a huge part in your marketing strategy.

But the sad fact is that a badly-managed social media presence can spell disaster for a company.

We follow the accounts of several major businesses, not because they are good, but as an object lesson into how not to do social media.

At least one very major brand we know of regularly cleanses its social media feeds of user comments. Have they got something to hide, because it makes them look like faceless robots.

On the other hand, a well-run, integrated social media experience fully engages customers and builds an unbeatable reputation online.

Common mistakes companies make on social media:

Ignoring complaints
Not engaging with customers
Not admitting to mistakes
Being an endless stream of adverts
Not appearing to be human

The ideal business social network page:

Talks back to customers
Has a dedicated social media team
Addresses customer problems straight away
Makes sure their content isn’t used inappropriately

It looks daunting, but it isn’t. It’s just good old customer service, served on a different platform.

At the Improve Agency, we can help you avoid these blunders and help you build a presence that customers will enjoy and find useful. Be it Facebook or Twitter, a YouTube channel or Flcikr account, we can offer advice.

Where appropriate we will integrate your website with your social media accounts, adding Facebook ‘like’ and ‘tweet this’ buttons and to pages.

In addition to integrating your social media accounts we have a lot of experience in creating custom applications for social media platforms, so if your marketing strategy involves creating a custom Facebook landing page or application we are only too happy to create one for you.

Call us to find how we can help make the most of your social media presence.


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