So what is Google plus

Google plus or G+ or Google+ or Google’s new social platform that you must like.

Unless you have just awoke from your winter hibernation, I’m pretty sure you will have already heard of Google +

There has been a ripple of anger from people who pretty much feel Google are forcing this upon us and using / coercing the SEO community to become early adopters and help seed it to the rest of the world with the implementation of new algorithm changes along with lots of talk from people eager to see how they can take advantage and what integration will happen in the search results . Either way its here to stay and YOU NEED TO GET ON BOARD NOW.

So what is it?

In summary Google+ is Google’s social network , nope its not Wave, Buzz or Orkut

To be fair they have clearly learned from past failures and it has some pretty neat features most noticeably circles and hang outs, which help you organise your contacts and chat / video chat with them . You can also create profiles for yourself just like Facebook or pages for brands and businesses just like Facebook, it has a news stream, so you can see what’s current just like Facebook and you can upload images and post status updates, just like Facebook and people can plus 1 / +1 your site and content, just like Facebook.

However this been Google’s baby means all of the above sooner or later will start to show up in the search results, so if your friend +1’s a website or shares it may well show up in your search results and if enough people +1 a site then that might just trigger something at Google HQ and that website might get better rankings.

But +1’s are not cool. Do you whats cool? Author Rank*

*Adapted line from the social network movie

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