Do you have social media sharing buttons?

You may not be the kind of person who uses social media, but the part it plays in SEO is becoming more crucial by the days. Hundreds of millions of people use sites like Facebook (1 billion users), Twitter (500 million users) and Google+ (500 Million users) are just the tip of the iceberg where populations use any number of regional sites. Even LinkedIn, the social media site for business professionals, recently passed the 200 million member mark, so there is no excuse not to have a social media strategy in your company.

The point about social media is that once your content is shared by users, it provides an organic lead back to your page. The more links to your content, the more relevant search engines deem your site to be, and the higher the rank. Getting something to go “viral” is the dream of any site owner, but it’s not something that’s going to happen without a bit of work.

And the first thing we always say is this: Have good content. There’s no point expecting your site to capture the attention of web users if it’s not going to catch their attention. Do the best job you can with your web page, because – all said and done – it’s your company’s headed notepaper on the internet.

Once you’ve got the content, promote it! If you’ve got a social media strategy, use it. You might be on Twitter and Facebook, so get your content out there and (we think this is the most important part) engage with your followers. Far too many companies think just having these accounts is enough, without realising that social media is a conversation.

Adding social media buttons to a blog page is simple: Most blogging platforms now allow you to add a simple line of code or install a simple pugin that produces the button that users can click to connect with their social media identities. Most will even automatically add the permalink of your post, and if built into the posting template, it’s a job that needs to be done once and never again (or, at least until a new star social media platform emerges, or one fads from view).

Other sites, require the user to make the effort and post your content. By making this as simple as possible for people who use the likes of Reddit or StumbleUpon, you’ve won half the battle on that front.

The point is that you should expend energy in two areas. The first is in making the best possible content, the second is engaging with social media to get your message out there. If you’re good enough, you’ll soon have enough of a presence and enough traction that any post you make is talked about.

And when people talk about you, the search engines notice.

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